We are an Australian - Swiss couple who share the same hunger
for adventure, community, good waves and facilitating yoga teacher training Bali. Therefore, Salty Prana is what we are living for.
Always, riding the Waves of Life with the community and with each other.

Riding the Waves of Life with the community and each other

yin yoga teacher training Bali

We met in India years back while we were doing a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training together in Goa. Additionally, both of us had been travelling several times around the world and were stoked on life doing so. After that, together, we decided to travel, surf, practice and experience this journey together from that day on.

Following the DREAM!

Suring amazing waves and taught yoga to fund the dream. In turn, allowing the winds and tides to govern wherever was next on the globe. Most importantly, life is a adventure and to be able to flow together on the path kept us grounded at the core. Moreover, to create our own surf–yoga community one day was a dream we always talked about from the start. With the dream of having our own yoga teacher training Bali!

From the first moment we met life was a big HELL YES 

On our journey, we stumbled our way through life and we got lost a lot of times. But, we found the essence of life more times than not. With, the people we met during the travels having made us who we are today. Undeniably, also helped to shape Salty Prana.

Time Lost is time gained

During the pandemic we took road trips to remote parts of Australia. Ror uncrowded waves and beautiful camping spots. As a result, this gave us our inspiration to create our own 100hr online Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Most importantly, the yoga teacher trainings and our VISION becoming more clear, when we used this time “off” in planning and manifesting.

The Next wave!

As soon as possible we relocated back to Bali. In our hearts, Uluwatu is home now and we are so excited to share here what is most important to us, offering yoga teacher training Bali

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a grounded Yoga and Surf Community. Above all, a place where everyone feels welcome and at home, no matter if you are staying in Bali for a few days, a few weeks, months or forever.

Naturally, we are both  down to earth and open minded and easy to hang out with.

For instance, if you don’t find us on the mat we will be for sure in the ocean or hanging out at the beach!

In our yoga teacher training Bali, our focus is to create yoga teachers and not asana teachers. Above all, the true nature and aspect of what Yoga really is, burns deep in our soul.

Yoga is not about flexibility and getting into crazy shapes. Conversely, yoga is a practice on and off the mat. Most importantly, yoga is that mind-body connection. Without a doubt, the same feeling that you get when you are surfing a sick wave. The feeling of being fully present, in the moment, just you, your body and your breath. Subsequently, we go in depth into this in our yoga teacher training Bali