Bali Yoga: Ignite Your Soul’s Journey to Serenity

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Yearning for more than what we have, many of us set out on journeys. It can be a journey for money, for love, or for adventure. However, the Bali Yoga journey I want to speak about here is a special one, a path we must all consider if we wish for our mind, body, and soul to unite.

This Bali Yoga journey, unlike others, isn’t measured in miles or days but in the profound transformation it brings. It can last from one night of pure emotions to a lifetime of pure confusion. Yet, it’s a journey we must undertake if we aspire to be our true selves. What happens along the way of your Yoga journey is a story for you to script.

Begin Your Bali Yoga Journey with Understanding

When you decide to embark on your Bali Yoga journey, let it start with understanding. In Yoga, we must understand a few basic things.


Yoga teaches us that humans are not all alike. Just as the waves of Bali’s majestic beaches differ, so do people. One person may hate you, while another may love you. The diversity of moods is what defines humanity. Acknowledging that everyone is different in some way will propel you on a giant leap on your Bali Yoga journey.


Yoga emphasizes that your cravings are the very reason your journey lags behind. In Bali, they say, “Jangan keinginan, dan kamu akan mendapatkannya.” (Don’t desire, and you will receive.) It’s as simple as that. When you crave, your thoughts become turbulent, disrupting the harmony of your mind, body, and soul. Cravings lead you to believe that external things are needed to make you feel better or become better. Yoga reminds us that these cravings pull us away from our inner selves. At times, we may not prevent cravings from arising, but it’s our duty to quell them and nurture the spiritual path that defines us in Bali Yoga.


Bali Yoga teaches us that everything is a surprise. Just like the sudden tropical rain showers in Bali, life is full of unexpected events. People and cravings can surprise us when we least expect it. Bali Yoga reminds us to accept that surprises are always around the corner, ready to spring up unexpectedly. We must learn to deal with these surprises, turning their shock into wisdom. Surprises will abound on your Bali Yoga journey, some delightful, some challenging, but all of them are worth embracing.

In Yoga, there are many facets to comprehend about your journey, but these three principles should be your focus. Beginning your Yoga journey with these understandings will make it more rewarding and meaningful as an individual. Picture your Yoga journey starting on a serene grassy knoll. Bumps in the path are inevitable, but understanding will make the journey more exciting, unveiling the true you that has always existed within.

The Pot of Gold: Finding Your True Self

The duration of this Yoga journey varies from person to person. You cannot simply hop on a plane and expect the destination to be fun without proper planning. You must believe in yourself enough to allow the Bali Yoga journey to unfold naturally. Whether it’s a single night or a lifetime, the treasure at the end, discovering your true self through Yoga, is truly priceless.

Yoga teaches us that spiritual journeys are about recognizing and nurturing the belief in yourself. These journeys need not take you to the ancient pyramids of Egypt or Machu Picchu, or even your local church. Since the Bali Yoga journey begins in your mind, start wherever your mind leads you, whether it’s at home or work. A Bali Yoga spiritual journey is an adventure, no matter where it begins, but it’s the destination within yourself that makes it truly special.

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So now, as you embark on your Bali Yoga journeys, I wish you the best of luck.

All things considered, if you’re looking to deepen your practice or explore Bali Yoga teacher training, consider these resources that have personally enriched my Bali Yoga journey:

  1. The Yoga of the Nine Emotions: The Tantric Practice of Rasa” by Peter Marchand
  2. The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
  3. Be Here Now” by Ram Dass
  4. Bali Yoga and Yin Yoga have greatly enhanced my understanding of myself. Are you interested in practicing Bali Yoga or joining me for a Bali Yoga teacher training? Read more about it here!

Remember, in the world of Yoga, your journey begins with understanding and leads you to the treasure of your true self.


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