Dreams Come True When You Manifest It! YTT In Bali

YTT in Bali

Have you ever heard the saying, “When you manifest your dreams, they become true”? While it may sound a bit cheesy at first, there is a profound truth hidden within these words. Year ago I manifested doing a YTT in Bali and now here I am!

The power of manifesting one’s dreams is real, and it can lead to remarkable transformations in your life.

To be honest I never thought I will be where I am right now without believing in my dreams and without manifestation. I can say today that literally live the life of my dreams.

And seriously? All started to unfold for me during my first Yoga Teacher Training 10 years ago.

I truly believe that a Yoga Teacher Training provides an ideal environment for turning your dreams into reality by fostering clarity, self-awareness, commitment, and a supportive community.

So after my first Training I changed my Life drastically. My mindset shifted and I became more aware what I really want and what I don’t want anymore.

Ok, well lets say, at the start it just became more clear what I don’t want anymore.

Quitting my job, becoming a Yogi Nomad and breaking free from toxic relationship is the short version of a 8 year long journey and deserves a whole blog post itself. But long story short

Of course the Journey from back then to now was and is not always sunshine and rainbows and it wasn’t always easy to stay on the path of trusting the process. Sometimes it was almost unbearable to sit in discomfort and not knowing what’s next. where to sleep, what to eat or is there enough money or not. It took a good few years to be comfortable with being constantly out of my comfort zone. But oh boy, I have grown so much from it.

Now I live in Bali, I am 41 year old, I feel better then never before. During this Journey i called in a beautiful Partner that went through the same process of transformation. Today i own my own company and also created a yoga business with my Partner, we run our own Trainings and Retreats, I earn money with doing what I love most and what I am absolute passionate about. And I cant believe how lucky I am to open next year our own Yoga Retreat Center in Bali.

Manifestation is real. Period.

The Power of Manifestation

Before delving into the connection between manifesting dreams and YTT, let’s briefly discuss the concept of manifestation. Manifestation is the process of bringing your thoughts, desires, and intentions into reality. It’s about aligning your thoughts and emotions with what you want to achieve, and then taking inspired actions to turn those dreams into concrete results.

Yoga, with its focus on mindfulness, intention-setting, and self-awareness, provides an ideal platform for harnessing the power of manifestation. When you combine the principles of yoga with a structured YTT program, the results can be truly transformative:

Clarity of Purpose:

YTT in Bali programs often begin with a deep exploration of your personal motivations for becoming a yoga teacher. This introspective process helps you clarify your dreams and set a clear intention for your training. When you have a clear vision of your goals, you’re better equipped to manifest them into reality.

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness:

Yoga encourages self-reflection and mindfulness. Through practices like meditation, pranayama (breath control), and asana (physical postures), you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. This heightened self-awareness is a crucial step in manifesting your dreams because it enables you to identify any limiting beliefs or self-doubt that might be holding you back.

Positive Energy:

YTT in Bali are infused with positive energy and a sense of community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share your passion for yoga creates a supportive environment for manifesting your dreams. The collective energy of the group can amplify your intentions and motivation.

Goal Setting and Planning in YTT in Bali:

During YTT, you’ll learn how to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for your yoga teaching career. This structured approach to goal setting ensures that your dreams are not just vague wishes but well-defined objectives with actionable plans.

Commitment and Consistency:

Manifesting dreams requires commitment and consistent effort. YTT programs are typically intense and demanding, but they also instill discipline and dedication. These qualities are essential for staying on course and taking the necessary steps to realize your dreams.

A Supportive Community that you find in YTT in Bali:

In addition to the positive energy, YTT offers a supportive community of mentors and fellow trainees who can guide you, provide valuable feedback, and offer assistance when needed. This sense of community can help you stay motivated and overcome obstacles on your journey.

So, if you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher or achieving any other goal, remember that with dedication and the right mindset, your dreams can indeed come true.

Love, Celine


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