Monday marks the evolution of my yoga life

Best Bali Yoga Teacher Training

“It took me years to integrate their yoga teachings…”

Initially I came to yoga just for the ability to stretch and create space to allow for better surf technique and quicker recovery. This slowly progressed over time as I realised that being in the water was my personal meditation and time for introspection in between sets.

My first teacher training was a blur, I was so new to the world of yoga and the bombardment of information and the technical aspect of it all was a lot for me. I pretty much flunked out of high school and this was the first time in 10 years I found myself in front of a teacher. Although 2 of my teachers- David and Boris -were true yogis, no teacher training certifications- just lived experiential knowledge from 16 and 14 years in ashrams in India, respectively. I was not ready to soak in their wisdom. Their teachings were profound as I have looked back numerous times since but I lacked the self-inquiry and understanding to truly understand and feel that which was being handed down. From teacher to student. Guru to Sadhaka.

It took me years to integrate their teachings and I when I felt ready, I undertook a 300hr YTT in Goa, India. I was ready this time. I had a strong asana practice. Had a relative ok meditation practice and had furthered my studies with books recommended by friends and teachers alike. What I wanted was to go deeper into the self. To understand the “WHY” or “HOW” behind it all. I had touched that sweet nectar of Samadi in savasana, breathwork and meditations but I wanted to understand why this vale of maya or consciousness is so hard to lift. This yoga training brought me closer to the Self. Closer to my path, my Dharma. I focused on the YIN side of my life. That subtle and soothing energy we all have within. I was living a life in full on masculine-YANG mode. This time out to surrender to what is, allowing the thoughts, feelings and emotions to flow freely and simply being still for extended periods of time brought me to a state where I truly felt home.

Integration a practice is everything. My yoga practices swayed, sometimes a lot, sometimes none but I always felt this inert nature of more within. I felt that I have been flowing with life, allowing things to happen as they are supposed to and surrendering into every moment. Sometimes this is easy and allows for pure joy and other times can be living HELL.

This brings me to Monday.

I started on my 4th teacher training once again as a student. We are forever learning and for things that excite and bring forth passion I say go for it! 200hr Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher Training with Alchemy Yoga Centre. I feel yoga has gone way aways from its roots and I am drawn to learning more into the tradition and spiritual practices of a lineage-based Kashmir Shaivism system. The teachers I will study under can trace their linage back years into Shaivite tradition, embody and live a life in this way.  More time focused on meditation and mantra. Studying Sanskrit and texts like the Shiva Sutras will  undoubtfully be a intense learning curve but one that I am ready for. One that I’m excited for and one that I once again surrender into the role as a student. This Sadhana of life is one that is ever challenging and ever changing but with the will of Shiva I will be able to allow myself time and compassion to accept all things are perfect and no matter what happens on the Bali rollercoaster of life, all will be great.

I bow to my teachers whom brought me to this point. I have only named a few in the post but there are nearly too many to count. All have made a positive impact to bring me to this present moment.

Stay Salty, Salty Prana


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